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'I am so happy with the clarity in my writing that I discovered in Cara’s course! Kicking my perfectionism to the curb, allowing my heart to remain open...specificity is now kicking at MY door. It’s a freedom I’ve never known. And I couldn’t be more thankful to Cara for showing me the way.'

- Michael V. 

'Coaching with Cara as a young, new actor was one of the smartest things I could have spent my money on. She taught me the importance of listening to my partner and showed me ways to make text more relatable so that I could respond as if the words were my own. It seems so basic but many actors just don't know how to do it. I often find myself using techniques, or as I like to call them, "good habits" that I learned from her - especially in the audition room. Cara is also a great listener, friend, and life coach. I've gone on to book regular work on Teen Wolf, leads in feature films, and a lead in an animated series. Thanks Cara!'

Michael J. 


'So grateful for the acting lessons with Cara Pifko. They helped me place 1st in the sit com division at iPop LA and win 2nd place in the child actress competition. This journey has allowed me to meet some amazing people already. Thanks Cara!'

- ​Sofia

'You're a writing Shaman!'

- Renee A. 

'Cara has a presence that will gently open you up from the moment you engage with her. Her talent lies in knowing you right where you are at and reflecting back to you your strengths and natural ability to create your life or your creative offerings from a raw and truthful place. A rare and empowering gift for any artist in search of growing and expanding.'

- Sunday Muse

'Cara has a gift in being able to *see* the story that wants to come through and is in service to the highest vision for that story to be told. She is the most incredible actress, writer and performer and has graced me with so much love in my creative process.'

- Christina D.

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