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Scene Study for Actors

In this scene study class, a community of actors will be born into a safe container where we can study and experience the practice of diving into a script, pulling it apart, understanding the tools of what it takes to make your character and the scene pop!

Stay limber in your training as an actor and reignite the love of the craft.

Demo Reels

The scenes can be filmed for demo reel purposes. If you'd like to add this option on, please let me know.

Demo reels have become even more of an industry standard. They need to showcase who you are and what you can do. Our work together will allow your unique heart, individuality to be witnessed in the scene. 


Some of the biggest casting directors don’t even read actors, they just look at demos! More often, they are the pre-step to being called in to an audition. 


And that’s if you have an agent. Demos are your required foot in the door when you’re shopping for representation.


This includes a pre-production call to discuss equipment, wardrobe, location. 


I will be present via zoom (unless you’re in LA) to direct a warm up and multiple takes so you feel supported and at ease during the whole process. 

If you don't have a good editor, I will refer you.

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In this 8-week training, we will apply the learning/refreshing of basic acting tools as well as high level mastery in the rehearsing of these scenes.

Each week will include an actor's warm-up, table work, character development, relational dynamics and individualized evolving performance notes.

The training calls will be 2-hour sessions once a week.


$1000 or 2 payments of $550. Some scholarships available

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