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Befriending the Camrera (0r Microphone!)

After over a decade working and coaching in Los Angeles, and over 35 years playing leads in film, television, voice acting and theatre, Cara Pifko's Workshop is now open!

This two-day intensive starts February 11th, so save your spot now! (Registrants also have the option of attending Day 1 only.)

This is an opportunity to actors of all levels, ages 15+, to deepen the body connection while creating a lasting ease on camera.

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Learn now to utilize your medium to dissolve the 4th wall and bridge the gap between you and your audience 

Befriending the camera (or microphone!) perhaps surprisingly includes building a relationship with what is behind the your medium.  Coming to an experience of who you’re talking to and how the lens carries a bridge between your expression and the audience it’s meant for.

This workshop gives the performer access to connecting their emotional center, expressing it through your vessel, through the medium of expression (camera or microphone) to shift the emotional condition of the listener.

Workshop Focus


Warm Up


Fear as a Motivator


The Intuitive and Embodied Performer


Audition Nerves


Befriending the Camera

There are no monologues or scenes to prepare

You will get on camera multiple times in a series of unique experiences to deepen your willingness to be witnessed by your new friend: the camera.

If you are a voice over or other voice professional, this can apply to your microphone work as well.


 You will receive a copy of your work.

$250USD Day 1 only (no limit for attendees): The Actor’s Warm Up is a prerequisite for any other work with me. It is my most requested offering and usually comes from laments about not feeling connected to your body. It is fundamental and universal in its value for auditions, on-camera, Voice Over or video sharing you are doing or growing into.


You will get a copy of the warm up for your ongoing practice. 

$497USD 2-Day Intensive.

Day 2:

A personal dive in to Befriending the Camera (or microphone!). Uncover your relationship and free the work. 3 rounds of Individual on camera/microphone time. This is where the transformation happens. 

Limited to 10 participants for Day 2; minimum to hold workshop is 4 people.

This two day intensive can be attended in-person or online!

Use the button below to secure your spot! (Some scholarships available. Please reach out to inquire.)

More details will be emailed to you after your confirmation.

Michael Johnston, Teen Wolf

"Coaching with Cara as a young, new actor was one of the smartest things I could have spent my money on. She taught me the importance of listening to my partner and showed me ways to make text more relatable so that I could respond as if the words were my own.


It seems so basic but many actors just don't know how to do it. I often find myself using techniques, or as I like to call them, "good habits" that learned from her - especially in the audition room. Cara is also a great listener, friend, and life coach. I've gone on to book regular work on Teen Wolf, leads in feature films, and a lead in an animated series. Thanks Cara!"

michael johnston.jpg

Peter Gould, Creator of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul

"You are such an amazing actress. When you see performers who are so in the scene, it feels so real. 

It was a huge lesson for me, the stuff under the surface is so crystal clear to you."


About Cara

Cara is an actor and a coach.


Coaching and performance are similar processes to her and her programs coach Transformation, Unblocking,


Revealing your easy access to super powers; of you and your piece. Whatever you're working on.  Cara's methods include a drawing out of the embodied soul, exploration and inquiry.

Her clients are from all walks and stages of life, including actors, writers, healers, speakers; people who want to show up in their life and work authentically.


She has coached three Fringe shows into being, life transformations, a bestselling author's book, numerous actors and a long time collaboration with designer Mariana Zaharoff. Recurring on Better Call Saul Seasons 2-5, Winner as Leading Female for LA's Stage Raw Award and a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy). 

Her voice credits include Franny's feet (2003-2005), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (2004-2006) - Eunice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010-2012) - Naa'leth (ep56), Nightsister (ep85), Orphne (ep71), Sionver Boll, Suu Lawquane (ep32), TJ-912 (ep56), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Prince, the Princess and the Bee (2006) - Eunice, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (2003) - Eunice, Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) - Suu Lawquane (ep1)

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