Befriending the Camrera

After over a decade working and coaching in Los Angeles, and over 35 years playing leads in film, television, voice acting and theatre, Cara Pifko's Workshop is now open!

This is an opportunity to actors of all levels, ages 15+, to deepen the body connection while creating a lasting ease on camera.

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Workshop Focus


Warm Up


Fear as a Motivator


The Intuitive and Embodied Performer


Audition Nerves


Befriending the Camera

There are no monologues or scenes to prepare

You will get on camera multiple times in a series of unique experiences to deepen your willingness to be witnessed by your new friend: the camera.


 You will also receive a copy of your work.

$175USD (limited to 8 participants). Use the button below to secure your spot!

More details will be emailed to you after your confirmation.

Michael Johnston, Teen Wolf

"Coaching with Cara as a young, new actor was one of the smartest things I could have spent my money on. She taught me the importance of listening to my partner and showed me ways to make text more relatable so that I could respond as if the words were my own.


It seems so basic but many actors just don't know how to do it. I often find myself using techniques, or as I like to call them, "good habits" that learned from her - especially in the audition room. Cara is also a great listener, friend, and life coach. I've gone on to book regular work on Teen Wolf, leads in feature films, and a lead in an animated series. Thanks Cara!"

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Peter Gould, Creator of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul

"You are such an amazing actress. When you see performers who are so in the scene, it feels so real. 

It was a huge lesson for me, the stuff under the surface is so crystal clear to you."