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Do you have an artist's heart, with a hunger to express yourself?

Do you ever feel like you don't blend in, like no one *really* knows what you’re capable of in your performance, creative works or writing? 

How good would it feel to have your art out where others can be changed by it?

Don’t live another month with your story or your masterpiece stuck inside you.

The cure for isolation is community, tribe. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Restart Your Art, a community I started for artists just like you which is now 1100+ strong. 

In the 8-week online program, you'll get support from experts regarding:

- The creative blocks that are killing your flow
- The artists’ mindset and how to pull your masterpiece together
- Community support for your Creative Self
- And more!

This is where you and your art can be seen, while you rediscover your authentic self and build tribe.

Click here to join our free Facebook Group

An online gallery for you to share your steps or finished works.

Click here to book a clarity call to discuss joining the Restart Your Art Program

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