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Table Read for Scriptwriters

This workshop is for the writer who has their first to fifty-fifth draft completed.


You have aspirations to take this project to market, but, you haven't heard the script outside of your own head. You've been locked in the lonely process of being the only one to hear your story. So, the flaws are hidden from you.


Our work together gives you the material you need to make your script ready to submit to producers or take to set.

I Will:

What my past workshops have done for clients;

  • My writing clients have experienced a bevy of awe-inspiring awarenesses hearing their script come to life which gave them the ease into motivation to carry the rest of the journey home

  • It gives them a perspective on each of the characters’ journeys, the overall structure and the story arc that is necessary for the writer to move past the grueling lonesome work that the process has been up until this point

  • It is a refreshing, necessary, often skipped stage of the process

  • This is a safe container where the writer can still play and learn before risking being under the sometimes cruel hand of marketing and pre-production

Dave Rock

"Hearing your script read aloud is gratifying and edifying.


Cara facilitated our sessions with the intuition that can only come from being an accomplished actor and coach.

She guided both writer and performers to explore the material in illuminating ways."

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