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Professional Performance Training with Cara Pifko: The 7 Stages of Performance Fundamentals

7 weeks of acting training are delivered in stages: detailed, comprehensive, group learning and one-on-one coaching each week. 

Act Now includes a final week taped scene or monologue for your demo tape.

The first call is your Zoom Welcome and Orientation on June 2nd from 5:30pmPT-8:30pm ET and course begins weekly LIVE on zoom starting June 23rd at 12pm PT PT/3pm ET. Let's spend the summer together!

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Stage 1

Choosing the Right Monologue, Tools of Memorization and Script Analysis

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Stage 2

Professionalism 101, Creative Births


Stage 3

Know Your Space, Gut Instinct, Demo Prep

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Stage 4

Heart Centered Work, The Power of Body

Language, The Business of Acting

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Stage 5

Voice Work, Emotional Translating, Evolving the Warm Up

Stage 6

On set: Do's and Don'ts. Intuitive Performing. Get a healthy perspective: How does this character serve you vs playing in to what you think they want. 

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Your Why. Recording a scene or monologue for your Demo.


Your root

Passion, survival, capitalizing on flight or fight instinct.


The Creative womb

Accessing the seat of your creative soul, harnessing the flash or magic of ideas, how to gestate a concept into a fully fleshed out character.


The emotional center

Utilizing emotional heat, your personal history, the bonds of relationship, and gut instinct to serve the growth of you as a performer and the characters you create, helping your body understand diaphragm breathing.


The heart center

The pendulum point of your vessel, how to connect to love, gratitude, and the bonds that carry an actor through a long career and give vitality to create living, breathing people.

This program covers the fundamentals of performance training while integrating master-level tools that aren’t taught in traditional theatre schools.

We use your own body as a map to navigate a deep, intertwined, practical, and esoteric connection to the work that sprouts from Your Root, The Creative Womb, The Emotional Center, The Heart Center, The Voice, The Intuitive Center and The Crown.

Join this 7-Week course for $997. Some scholarships are available via application.

Welcome and Orientation on June 2nd from 5:30pmPT-8:30pm ET and course begins weekly LIVE on zoom starting June 23rd at 12pm PT PT/3pm ET. Let's spend the summer together!

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the voice

This is the verbal mode of expression for all of the other centers and therefore critical for all logical understanding of what you’re saying. How you can skillfully make space for your unique vocal fingerprint, tension release for all of the articulators (lips, cheeks, jaw, nasal resonators and the most overlooked, most influential muscle of communication: the tongue), creating an open line of communication between your breath and your voice.


the intuitive center

How to intertwine your intuition with all of your choices; accessing higher levels of influence. This is where we access flow state where we move past fundamentals and into the leap of faith. Where being in the moment is activated through a sustainable, reliable method. This “magic” is what makes an elevated masterful performance, what grants you facility to engage and hold your audience regardless of the medium


The crown

Where the individual steps out of me or I centered focus to greater connection. This body portal reveals access to channeling and rising above nervousness, self-consciousness, doubt, the inner critic, judgemental influences so that you can connect to the whole of your job as an actor

About Cara

Cara is an actor and a coach.


Coaching and performance are similar processes to her and her programs coach Transformation, Unblocking,


Revealing your easy access to super powers; of you and your piece. Whatever you're working on.  Cara's methods include a drawing out of the embodied soul, exploration and inquiry.

Her clients are from all walks and stages of life, including actors, writers, healers, speakers; people who want to show up in their life and work authentically.


She has coached three Fringe shows into being, life transformations, a bestselling author's book, numerous actors and a long time collaboration with designer Mariana Zaharoff. Recurring on Better Call Saul Seasons 2-5, Winner as Leading Female for LA's Stage Raw Award and a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy). 

Her voice credits include Franny's feet (2003-2005), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (2004-2006) - Eunice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010-2012) - Naa'leth (ep56), Nightsister (ep85), Orphne (ep71), Sionver Boll, Suu Lawquane (ep32), TJ-912 (ep56), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Prince, the Princess and the Bee (2006) - Eunice, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (2003) - Eunice, Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) - Suu Lawquane (ep1)

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