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Professional Performance Training with Cara Pifko: The 7 Stages of Performance Fundamentals

7 weeks of acting training are delivered in stages: detailed, comprehensive, group learning and one-on-one coaching each week. 

Act Now includes a final week taped scene or monologue for your demo tape.

The first call is your Welcome and Orientation on May 6th from 1-2pm PT. The remainder of the call schedule will be discussed as a group.

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Stage 1

Choosing the Right Monologue, Tools of Memorization and Script Analysis

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Stage 2

Professionalism 101, Creative Births


Stage 3

Know Your Space, Gut Instinct, Demo Prep

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Stage 4

Heart Centered Work, The Power of Body Language, The Business of Acting

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Stage 5

Voice Work, Emotional Translating, Evolving the Warm Up

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Stage 6

On set: Do's and Don'ts. Intuitive Performing. Get a healthy perspective: How does this character serve you vs playing in to what you think they want. 

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Stage 7

Your Why. Recording a scene or monologue for your Demo.

About Cara

Cara is an actor and a coach.


Coaching and performance are similar processes to her and her programs coach Transformation, Unblocking,


Revealing your easy access to super powers; of you and your piece. Whatever you're working on.  Cara's methods include a drawing out of the embodied soul, exploration and inquiry.

Her clients are from all walks and stages of life, including actors, writers, healers, speakers; people who want to show up in their life and work authentically.


She has coached three Fringe shows into being, life transformations, a bestselling author's book, numerous actors and a long time collaboration with designer Mariana Zaharoff. Recurring on Better Call Saul Seasons 2-5, Winner as Leading Female for LA's Stage Raw Award and a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy). 

Her voice credits include Franny's feet (2003-2005), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (2004-2006) - Eunice, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010-2012) - Naa'leth (ep56), Nightsister (ep85), Orphne (ep71), Sionver Boll, Suu Lawquane (ep32), TJ-912 (ep56), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Prince, the Princess and the Bee (2006) - Eunice, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (2003) - Eunice, Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) - Suu Lawquane (ep1)

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