Cara Pifko

Life Coach with a specialty in Creativity Coaching

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Hi, I'm Cara Pifko, welcome to my website. 

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YES I want to Restart my art

RESTART YOUR ART is a LIVE, online intensive, interactive, personalized, 8 week, group course. We will dive deep in to the specifics of your creative self, amplify the purpose of your work and get it out in to the world! This weekly system of support and growth is the cure for isolated creation and creating legacy!

A Little Glimpse in to Me and What I do

Yes I'm an actor. Coaching and performance are similar processes to me.
My programs coach Transformation, Unblocking, Revealing your easy access to super powers; of you and your piece. Whatever you're working on.  My methods include a drawing out of the embodied soul, exploration and inquiry. My clients are from all walks and stages of life, including actors, writers, healers, speakers; people who want to showup in their life and work authentically. I have coached three Fringe shows into being, life transformations, a bestselling author's book, numerous actors and a long time collaboration with designer Mariana Zaharoff. 

Recurring on Better Call Saul Seasons 2-5, Winner as Leading Female for LA's Stage Raw Award and a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy). Hi, I'm Cara Pifko, welcome to my website. 


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